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Wataniya Telecom Launches “Backstage” in collaboration with Universal Music Group

Music is a universal language that connects people. Now Wataniya customers can explore the world of entertainment with unlimited music and listen to their favorite tracks with Wataniya’s new music application called Backstage. Wataniya launched this exciting new music service at a press conference held at the Sahara Golf Club on 6th of April, 2011. This event received great publicity, as it was attended by America’s hit R&B sensation NE-YO. Also present at the event were Wataniya’s senior management and 10 lucky winners who participated in Wataniya’s Backstage contest on Facebook.

Wataniya Telecom in collaboration with Universal Music Group, Mazzika and Melody has launched Backstage, an entertainment service that is solely dedicated to unlimited music content on the mobile. Through this service customers can access over 120,000 songs in English and Arabic on their phones or PCs. Backstage brings great value to music fans. The monthly fee ranges from KD 1 to 3 per month depending on which music category a customer chooses (Arabic, English or both). 

Backstage does not have any downloading charges and offers unlimited access to music, news of the latest happenings in the entertainment world and a chance to win concert tickets and backstage invites to international events.  Backstage is available to Wink customers for only 500 Fils per month since they are young adults who would enjoy this service and make maximum use of it.

What makes Backstage perfectly different is the songs’ quality which is often checked and managed by music professionals. Customers can download and listen to the high quality songs for free before even downloading. 

Taking immense pride in the launch of the Backstage service, Chadi Alid, Director of Product Development and VAS at Wataniya said “We want to enrich the lives of our customers with innovative experiences. By creating a music application such as Backstage, we have given all our customers; young, old, foreigners and locals easy and convenient access to the world of music and entertainment. We will strive to create many more interactive and exciting services that will add more value to the lives of our customers.”

NE-YO made the press conference even more memorable by talking about his accomplishments in the music world and answered questions from the press. He further highlighted the uniqueness of the Backstage service and urged the audience to sign up for it.

In order to enjoy music content, people must subscribe to Backstage, and download it on their mobile or PC. Customers can also download the application and try it for free. In this case, they can use the application to browse/pre-listen to the music content without downloading it.  Customers who join the service can listen to music in online or offline mode. The Backstage service can be accessed in the online mode using 3G or Wi-Fi Networks. Subscribers can use the service in the offline mode only for 15 days, during which they can only listen to the songs they have downloaded when they were online.  To learn more about the service and enjoy it everyone can visit BACK
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