Don’t miss out on the BlackBerry experience! Whether you want to constantly stay updated with your work mails, or chat with your friends on BlackBerry Messenger. There are affordable and easy plans for everyone to enjoy!

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Features and Benefits

  • Message delivery is automatic and secure over our network
  • You can use your BlackBerry® for up to 10 different email accounts
  • Email is encrypted so it can’t be read by anyone other than the intended user
  • Internet email accounts such as Wnet, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, can be easily set up from the BlackBerry® device in just 5 steps
  • BlackBerry® devices use flash memory to protect data and applications if the device crashes or the battery runs out

Tech Support

BlackBerry® Technical Support Service

Visit any of our retail stores in Kuwait Airport or  Al Babtain Towers.

 You may also call 121 for Customer Support Service.



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