With BlockU service, you can control your incoming calls and SMS. All you need to do is set time slots of when you want to receive certain calls or messages. Also, you will get SMS notifying you of all the calls you received from blocked numbers.

With this service, you can

  • Choose your incoming calls with the help of an easy mode list

  • Activate the Black List to block calls from specified numbers

  • Activate the White List to receive calls from certain numbers

  • Activate the Roaming List for callers on this list to reach you while you are traveling

  • Pay your mobile bills through your phone

  • Create groups like friends, family and work. You can add or delete numbers from that list as well.

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To subscribe

  • Dial *121# then select 3 from WMenu and press #5 to receive BlockU

  • Send “SUB” to 1718

  • Dial 1718 and follow the instructions

BlockU Commands

How toSend KeywordTo
Register for the Block-U serviceSUB1718
Un-register the serviceUNSUB1718
Add numbers to your block listAB mobile number
example AB 6xxxxxxx)
Add numbers to your allow listAA mobile number
(example AA 6xxxxxxx)
Add last caller to your block listADD1718
Delete a number from your block listDB mobile number
(example DB 6xxxxxxx)
Delete a number from your allow listDA mobile number
(example DA 6xxxxxxx)
Create a group (example Friends)CREATEGR FRIENDS1718
Delete a group (example Friends)DELGR FRIENDS1718
Add a number to a groupADDNUM FRIENDS mobile number1718
Delete a number from a groupDELNUM FRIENDS mobile number1718
Add a group to your allow list (example Friends)ATTACH FRIENDS LIST_AL1718
Add a group to your block list (example Friends)ATTACH FRIENDS LIST_BL1718
Allow all incoming callsALL1718
Enable block listEB1718
Enable allow listEA1718
View current mode and active listsVIEW1718
View numbers in your allow listLA1718
View numbers in your block listLB1718
View the numbers that have been blockedGET1718
view the numbers blocked in the past 2 hoursGET 21718
view a list of all groupsVG1718
view the numbers in a group (example friends)VIEWGR FRIENDS1718

Subscription fee:
The service will cost KD 1 per month