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IcFlix is the Middle East and North Africa’s first unlimited streaming platform that provides Jazwood, Bollywood and Hollywood movies and TV series, all streamed instantly to any internet-connected device.

  • Exclusive, never-before-seen content all year long
    Be the first to watch IcFlix-produced movies and TV shows before anyone else
  • Jazwood, Bollywood & Hollywood for the dreamers
    Relive your favorite classic Egyptian films, catch Bollywood’s latest easily and watch the best of Hollywood.
  • For our littlest members
    Kids can watch their favorite characters from Arthur, Shaun the Sheep and many more.
  • Share your viewing list with your friends and family
    Let your friends see what you have seen at ICFLIX using your Facebook account.

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Telly is your number one destination to stream Hollywood's biggest blockbusters and the Arab World's most popular TV shows instantly in HD to your phone, tablet, Mac and PC.

  • Unlimited HD movies and TV shows
    Watch as many as you want and as many times as you want
  • A variety of film and TV genres
    Comedy, action, horror, romance, sci-fi, thriller, documentary and more!
  • Up-to-date popular clips
    Discover what’s the rest of the world is watching right now
  • Ads-free
    Enjoy non-stop entertainment from beginning to end
  • Subtitles option and smart pause
    Jump back where you left off without missing any action.

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