Call Back Home

Save 50% on roaming costs by using the Call Back Home service. Stay connected to friends, colleagues and family in Kuwait while traveling abroad. Simply dial *101* Kuwait number # and talk for up to 50% off.

To Use Call Back Home:
1-Dial *101*, the number you wish to call in Kuwait and press #.
2-Both you and the Called Party will receive a notification “Please wait while we connect your call”.
3-You will be charged for the Call Back Home service once both parties answer the phone.


1- How does Call Back Roaming work?
To use Call Back Roaming, just dial *101* and the number you wish to call back home in Kuwait #.
For example,
To call a Wataniya friends and family number: *101*6XXXXXXX#
To call other mobile network in Kuwait: *101*9XXXXXXX# or *101*5XXXXXXX#
To call a landline in Kuwait: *101*2XXXXXXX#

2- How can I get Call Back Roaming on my line?
All postpaid and prepaid roaming lines are automatically configured with Call Back Roaming service.

3- How much is the Call Back Roaming will cost?
Please click here for further Call Back Roaming zone rates. These rates are only available on Calls to Kuwait .

4- Where is Call Back Roaming available?
Call Back Roaming is available in 150 Countries where Wataniya has roaming partners, and with whom outgoing calls are not offered for prepaid roaming .

5- What are the related services available in Call Back roaming?
Just like the standard Roaming, Wataniya provides you with ability to receive calls, send/receive SMS & WHO service.

6- How do I recharge my prepaid line?
You can recharge your prepaid line via W-Menu by dialing *121# using a Wataniya recharge cards or your credit card. Or you can recharge via the Internet using these cards or your K-Net card.
You can also have friends and family to transfer you credit at anytime - even if you're in a different country.

7- How am I billed on my postpaid line?
All calls with *101* will be displayed as Call Back Home on your monthly bill. This may be reflected in your current or next bill cycle. (Note: Time displayed on Call Back Home will be shown as the Local time in Kuwait)

8- Can I dial *101* or use Call Back Home inside Kuwait?
No, currently *101* or Call Back Home will not work inside Kuwait.