In flight Roaming

Wataniya Telecom is now on-board with In-Flight Roaming Service. We are the first operator in Kuwait to provide in-flight roaming to its customers with the use of their GSM phones. Wataniya has entered into a new roaming deal with two In-Flight partners: AeroMobile and OnAir networks. Roaming customers will be able to make a call, send and receive SMS, Data application (GPRS, EDGE, etc…) during the cruising phase of the flight (after take off and before landing).

Airlines for in flight Roaming

Air France – Airbus A318Europe and North African destinations
TAP (Portugal) – Airbus A319Europe and North African destinations
Emirates – EK751Dubai – Casablanca
Emirates – Boeing 777 – 300Europe and Australia
Emirates - Airbus A340 – 300
Emirates – Airbus A340 – 500
Emirates – Airbus A330 – 200






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