Changing your mobile number means telling all your contacts about your new digits. I-Move-To just made that transition the easiest step you can take. When someone calls your old mobile number, a voice prompt will inform the caller about your new Wataniya number. You and the caller will receive SMS notifications about the call as well.


  • All your callers will receive an SMS with your new number
  • You will know who was trying to reach you on your old line through SMS
  • The service is active for 90 days and you can renew it after that period
  • This service works even if your old number is a non-Wataniya line

To Join

  • Send SUB IMT to 1443 from your new Wataniya number
  • Set unconditional call forward from your old number to the new Wataniya number
  • An SMS notification will be sent for confirmation to you


  • This service if free of charge




Frequently asked questions:

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