Now you can browse Diggly tones by dialing *1600# for Free!

Personalize your ring back tones and greet your callers with your favorite songs or sound effects.

Click here to browse through the songs and get your song codes.
Send the Song Code to 1600 and Set your Diggly Tone.


  • Choose from over 10,000 different songs
  • Set different Diggly Tones on different time, days and weeks
  • Songs and sound effect are available in 7 different languages: English, Arabic, Indian, Tagalog, Urdu, Bangla and Farsi


  • Activate Diggly Tones free of charge
  • Diggly Tone can cost 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250 fils each
  • Listen to Diggly Tones for 45 fils per minute

To Join

How to subscribe for this service:

  • By Mobile – Just dial *1600# and browse Diggly tones for free!
  • By calling 1600 from your Wataniya Number (calls made to the IVR will be charged at 45 fils/minute).
  • By SMS and sending the command SUB to 1600.
  • By calling the Wataniya Customer Care at 121.
  • You can also subscribe by just sending the 5 Digit Tone code.

How to unsubscribe this service:

By SMS,Send the command STOP to 1600.

How to copy a song:

Just press * # while calling your friend to copy his Song.

How to delete a Tone:

By SMS,send the command D +Tonecode to 1600




Frequently asked questions:

  • 1. How much does it cost?

    As an introductory offer, you can subscribe to Diggly Tone for free. You can buy/purchase/download any custom Diggly Tone from Web/IVR or By SMS . The diggly Tone will be auto Renewed after 7 days.

    The table below shows all the charging for the Diggly Tone Service

    Transaction TypeRates
    Song Buy50,75,100,150, 200 & 250 fils/tone
    Each SMS Mobile Originating (MO) Commands 20 fils
    IVR45 fils/min

    Note * - the IVR charge of 45 fils per minute is on top of the song buy, copy and presenting transaction requests. Song charges may change depending on promotions/special occasions.

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  • 2. Can I have this service on any mobile?

    Yes, this service is available on any handset with Wataniya line

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  • 3. How do I assign a Diggly Tone?

    By one of the following ways – 
    By visiting the Web – Login using My wataniya
    By calling 1600  for the IVR 
    By SMS – by sending the Diggly Tone Code directly to the short code 1600 (Example: For Michael Jackson’s Thriller just send the tone code 10671 to the short code 1600)


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  • 4. How can I browse the Diggly Tones?

    Just visit and logged-in at MyWataniya site. Under the tab “Home”, you will see the different song categories on the left side.

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  • 5. Can I gift a Diggly Tone?

    Yes, you can buy any Diggly Tone as a gift for a Wataniya subscriber which will be valid for 1 month.

    By visiting the WEB at MyWataniya site
    By calling 1600 for the IVR
    By SMS – sending to the short code 1600 the command DD SongCode Mobile Number of the person you want to give the tone
    (Example: For sending the tone “Beat It” to your friend with mobile number 66331111 just type "DD 10662 66331111"
    and send it to 1600)

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  • 6. Can I customize my Diggly Tone to specific grou

    Yes, you can customize Diggly Tone to either a particular caller or to a group of callers eg – all your friends can be clubbed together and you can assign a specific tone to the entire group. Just log-in to MyWataniya Site and go go to the Diggly Tone. You will see the tab MySongs just click it and go to Group Management.

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  • 7. What are the Categories in Diggly?

    • English
      Latest English,Dance,Pop,Rock,Classic,Themes,Instrumental,
    • Arabic
      Latest Arabic,Khaliji,Egyptian,Al Mghreb Arabi,Belad El Sham,Religious,Poems,Instrumental,Comedy Arabic
    • Indian
      Latest Bollywood,BollyWood,Tamil,Malayalam,Telegu,Punjabi,Gazal,Instrumental
    • Taglog
    • Pakistani
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  • 8. How to copy a Diggly tone when you heard the tone?

    While calling the other party and you want to copy the tone, just press * # and press send and you can automatically copy the tone. SMS confirmation will be sent to your mobile after a successful transaction.

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Find more FAQs on all subjects in Support section